Chapelle de la promenade Saint Rahy au départ de Bomal,vers le plateau de Rahiermont avec son atmosphère de spiritisme médiéval
Walk from St Rahy to Bomal
Brief description This medieval-themed walk leads to the plateau of Rahiermont (Mont-St-Rahy), rich in history, with an atmosphere steeped in the religious practices of our ancestors. At the end of the walk, you can discover the archaeological treasures of the...
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passage du ruisseau qui termine la promenade Jenneret, petit village de Durbuy à l'entrée du Condroz
The Jenneret walk: a small village at the gateway to the Condroz in the municipality of Durbuy
Brief description Jenneret is a small village at the edge of Durbuy, and this walk allows you to explore two different regions. You will notice the distinctive geographical and natural features of these two regions, which are so close and...
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Mi-forestière, mi-rurale,la promenade "les Enneilles" débute le long du ri des sourdants
Les Enneilles: a half-and-half walk through forest and open country between Ourthe and Condroz
Brief description of this half-and-half walk through forest and open country The walk takes you to some magnificent vantage points over the Ourthe and the Ardennes. It also reveals the folded relief of the Condroz. The path can be difficult...
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Al Basse Hé, promenade balisée de 5km et ses magnifiques paysages
Al Basse Hè: a walk for everyone, exploring the hedges of Heyd
Brief description This walk through the old municipality of Heyd takes you through a network of hedges. Their usefulness tends to be overlooked, but it becomes clear on the walk how essential they are in a landscape of crop and...
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Le dolmen de Wéris
Family walk through the mixed woodland and pasture of Wéris: the megaliths
Brief description of the walk This route takes you on a trip back 5,000 years in time, to encounter the famous dolmens and menhirs erected on the Calestienne by Neolithic farmers. Notes Bedrock The village of Wéris is located in...
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au départ de la promenade familiale Hé des Pourceaux, au départ de Heyd
Hé des Pourceaux family walk, starting from Heyd
Brief description The Hé des Pourceaux family walk explores the beech and spruce forests near Heyd and includes wonderful views over the Condroz region. Notes on this family walk The start of the walk takes you past a number of...
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un point de vue magnifique au cours de la balade du calvaire à Bomal
Le Calvaire in Bomal: a more testing walk
Brief description This walk in the old municipality of Bomal, a large village at the confluence of the Ourthe and the Aisne with two roads passing through it, takes you all the way up to a magnificent vantage point: Le...
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Le panorama vu par les promeneurs sur la bouclede Durbuy
The Durbuy loop
Brief description of the loop This 6 km loop walk around the ‘world’s smallest city’ takes in its finest views and the sights of the surrounding area in less than 2 hours. The old city The city’s name is thought...
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le point de départ de la promenade Bois de vine
A walk in the forest a stone’s throw from Durbuy: the Bois de Viné
Brief description Five kilometres from Durbuy, this walk in the intimate setting of the forest gives you a good idea of the Bois de Viné and how it is managed by foresters. Walk quietly, as many game species live in...
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le chemin du retour à Villers Ste Gertrude
A walk through woodland and open country: Ferme de Strasbourg
Brief description The Ferme de Strasbourg walk passes through the woodland and open country around Villers-Sainte-Gertrude.   Notes Villers Sainte Gertrude At the start of the walk, there are numerous relics of the past to look out for: the castle...
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