The Hottemme estate: a circular walk in Durbuy

petit pont sur Balade dans le domaine de Hottemme, circuit pédestre à Durbuy

Brief description of the Hottemme walk

The circular walk in the Hottemme estate takes you through a vast landscaped park extending over 150 hectares. Located at the heart of a forested area, the estate alternates, on undulating terrain, between wide-open meadows and woodlands.



The start of the route takes the main path across the estate. You then take the pretty footpath on your left which brings you to the gazebo.

Have a good look at this gazebo, whose walls are decorated with painted birds. On the ceiling is a depiction of Diana the Huntress by an unknown artist from around the 1930s. Diana is an ancient Roman goddess. She is the protector of hunters, and is often represented as such by artists.

Box bushes

Taking the small path on your left, you now pass under some box bushes. Box lives for a very long time – up to 500 or 600 years – and grows slowly, not exceeding 5 m in height. Its wood, which is lemon-yellow in colour, is remarkably hard and very fine (with a density of 0.9 to 1.06 g/cm3 ). It is the densest of all hardy wood species and has the second hardest wood (after ebony). The wood is much sought after by craftsmen; to the Gauls, it symbolised eternity, immortality and resurrection.

The Hunting-Horn Blower

A little further on, the Hunting-Horn Blower (Le Sonneur de Cor de Chasse) appears. This gigantic (2.20m) yet lifelike bronze figure was created by Giovanni Nicolini to welcome walkers.

Leaving the Hottemme Estate, follow the road, then pass over a little stream, the Ri à Doret, at the ford or over the bridge.

Practical information

Start: Tour , on the road to Bomal, next to the building
Waymarker: small red rectangle
Distance: 4.5 km
Approximate duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Level of difficulty: moderate
Distinctive features: forest – road

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