Geocaching is a hobby in which satellite positioning technology (GPS) is used to find or conceal ‘caches’ or ‘geocaches’ at various locations around the world. A typical geocache consists of a small waterproof and resistant container containing a visit log and sometimes one or more ‘treasures’ – usually worthless trinkets. Some geocaches are located on our walks.
This hobby costs you nothing and is enjoyed by old and young alike – why not give it a try?

The treasure hunt takes you to some surprising and fascinating places. The caches have been chosen with great care, and always have some kind of surprise, whether of a visual, historical or artistic nature.

All our caches are encoded on


Good practices

Prepare your backpack with spare batteries, gloves, a telescopic rod, pencils, emergency log book, phone and items for swapping if you wish.
Choose suitable clothing and let people know that you are going.
Check the characteristics of the cache: difficulty, size of box and attributes.
When you get to the cache, try to be discreet so as not to reveal it to others.
Don’t walk around with your eyes glued to the screen: take the time to observe where the cache might be and how to get there without causing any damage.
Pick it up gently and memorise its location.

Write the date and your nickname in the log book (more if it’s important).
Exchange an item of the same value or don’t take anything.
If you take a trackable (which will have a number on it), commit to logging it at and dropping it off quickly.

After closing the box securely, put it in the same place, hide it and check as you leave that it is not visible.

On the site, log your visit on the cache page, giving your impressions and saying thanks. A Pieds icon

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