Superb mountain biking territory

Our circular mountain bike routes will delight beginners and more experienced bikers alike. The terrain may seem gentle, but don’t get too complacent – there are some tough slopes out there! The more energetic bikers will zip from one valley to the next, encountering terrain that can be difficult and very muddy at times. Our municipality lies mainly in the Famenne, a region of shale and clay that turns to mud when it rains. Don’t worry, though: you will also come across gentler paths in the course of your ride.

Mountain biking does not prevent you from admiring the very varied scenery and appreciating the buildings in our villages made from local materials. To help with the uphill sections, it is possible to hire an electric mountain bike that allows you to take on any challenge. To make things easier, a map showing our mountain bike routes and those of the municipality of Hotton is on sale in our shop. If you are tempted by longer routes, the Pays de l’Ourthe Local Action Group has created a waymarked circular route that tours the seven municipalities of its territory. This will soon be available on where you can find neighbouring municipalities’ mountain biking routes.

You’ll also find routes without waymarking (GPX files) catering more to tourist interests, combining natural heritage, art works and minor historical monuments, for example.



Good practices

  • Keep to the waymarked paths for your own safety and follow the routes in the right direction
  • Don’t overestimate your abilities and keep control of your speed
  • Be careful and polite when overtaking or encountering walkers: pedestrians have priority
  • Check the condition of your mountain bike and bring provisions and repair accessories
  • If you are going on your own, leave your itinerary with people you know
  • Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended
  • Stay out of private property and cropfields
  • Watch out for agricultural and forestry machinery
  • Don’t pick flowers, fruits, berries or mushrooms
  • Don’t disturb wild animals
  • Keep your litter, don’t be noisy and respect the environment
  • Arrange proper insurance cover Balise icon
Waymarked circular routes

Our network of walks invites you to explore a wide range of landscapes, both intimate and grandiose, along the way, a pleasure you must experience!
Waymarked circular mountain biking routes GPS icon
GPS circular mountain bike routes without waymarking

Walks without a map, just with your GPS to discover the treasures of our region …
GPS circular mountain bike routes without waymarking

Hire or repair

You can never be sure of a flat tyre or other problem with your favourite machine…
Hiring a bike or Repairing your bike

The 'Best of the best' walks

A selection of walks chosen for specific reasons: the season, the light, plant life, local people’s favourites…

Guided walks

Our complete schedule of guided walks with commentary…

Prepare your walk

You will find useful information on our website, but there is nothing like a map to find your way!

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passage du ruisseau qui termine la promenade Jenneret, petit village de Durbuy à l'entrée du Condroz
The Jenneret walk: a small village at the gateway to the Condroz in the municipality of Durbuy
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forêt rencontrée au cours de la randonnée pédestre Famenne au départ de Barvaux
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