Waymarked circular cycle routes in Durbuy

The Province of Luxembourg is also working to extend this network throughout the Province. The Ourthe RAVeL network is gradually taking shape.

Our waymarked circular cycle routes are part of the large network of nodal points created and maintained by the Pays de Famenne. You will find the overall map and the gpx files at Famenne à vélo.

Two loops have their starting-point in Durbuy.

Les Crêtes

A challenging 60-km route starting from Durbuy (Pré Georis) or Marche-en-Famenne

This circular route takes you on a journey of discovery through four very different municipalities.
The recently made-over Marche-en-Famenne has a pedestrianised city centre offering a blend of art and culture.
Hotton and Durbuy, through which the Ourthe and the RAVeL path both pass, reveal a combination of open, wooded and rocky landscapes.
And Somme-Leuze offers nature in abundance and local produce of all kinds.

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Les mégalithes

An easy 22.7-km circular route starting in Wéris

Discover the villages of Wéris, Oppagne, Biron, Ny and Soy and the spot known as Pas-Bayard. On this historically themed tour, you explore the megalithic field of Wéris with its superb dolmens and menhirs.
Ny and Wéris are two of Wallonia’s most beautiful villages

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