Hé des Pourceaux family walk, starting from Heyd

au départ de la promenade familiale Hé des Pourceaux, au départ de Heyd

Brief description

The Hé des Pourceaux family walk explores the beech and spruce forests near Heyd and includes wonderful views over the Condroz region.

Notes on this family walk

The start of the walk takes you past a number of large boulders: these are puddingstone. This very hard stone is difficult to work, which is why people in these parts made scarcely any use of it: unlike sandstone or limestone, it was practically impossible to cut it to suit requirements.

As you descend, after turning right and then left, you will see in succession the hamlet of Lignely on the right, the village of Ninane in the background and, a little higher up, the village of Roche à Frêne.

On leaving the woods, the path brings you to a magnificent viewpoint in the direction of the ridges of the Condroz. The name of this region derives from the Condruses, the name of a Celtic tribe in Roman times.

Listen to the birds! shhh!

Heyd, which was known in the Middle Ages for its mining industry, is a profoundly rural village. Its peaceful atmosphere is appreciated by holidaymakers who stay in the many local holiday cottages.
There are a few restaurants, which may tempt you to try some tasty dish, artisanal cheese, pancakes or waffles, or just a speciality beer.

Practical information

Start: Heyd, Col du Rideux
Waymarker: red diamond
Distance: 4.2 km
Approximate duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Level of difficulty: easy

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