Waymarked circular mountain biking

la carrière de Aisne au détour de lrandonnée VTT Vallée de l'Aisne
23.2 km mountain bike ride from Bomal: the Aisne valley
The Aisne valley This 23.3 km mountain bike ride starts from Bomal at Place du Sassin, in front of the tourist office. The spirited River Aisne has carved out a magnificent, steep-sided valley offering magnificent views. It is very popular...
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Bois de Viné parcours VTT au départ de Durbuy, paysage vers la vallée de l'Ourthe
Bois de Viné: a mountain bike route starting in Durbuy
A rather steep start Bois de Viné, a mountain bike route starting in Durbuy, takes you to the Condroz plateau with its magnificent scenery and limestone houses. The start is rather steep, and muddy in wet weather! Just before the...
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le chateau au bas du village sur le circuit VTT plateau de Herbet
Exploring the Herbet plateau and Ourthe valley by mountain bike
A dramatic start This little mountain bike route takes a steep path right out of the village to get your legs working! The hamlet of Herbet consists mainly of imposing square farmhouses made from limestone rubble. It is located on...
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Coircuit VTT 3 vue du village de Grandhan depuis la plaine d el'Ourthe
A family mountain bike ride: Bois de Grandhan
The Bois de Grandhan family mountain bike ride starts in Durbuy at the large car park just outside the old city. From the start: the RAVeL cycle path plus a slope to get you in shape! Follow the Ri de...
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Chemin du circuit VTT la ronde des mégalithes autour de Weris
The tour of the megaliths: a mountain bike route around Wéris
The tour of the megaliths, a pleasant mountain bike route that passes through the Wéris countryside, starting from Barvaux-sur-Ourthe. Bois des Hazalles and Bois de Biron As soon as you leave Barvaux, you enter Bois des Hazalles, a wood typical...
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Vallée du Néblon, circuit VTT aux confins de la commune de Durbuy, l'allée du centenaire
Vallée du Néblon, a route on the outskirts of Durbuy
Brief description The Néblon valley route passes from one bank to the other of the river of that name. At the northern edge of the municipality of Durbuy, it crosses part of the Condruz with a foray into the municipality...
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paysage rencontre au cours du circuit VTT cretes de l'Ourthe
The ridges of the Ourthe: a mountain bike route around Durbuy
The ridges of the Ourthe: a mountain bike route around Durbuy The starting-point of the ‘Ridges of the Ourthe’ mountain bike route is in Durbuy, a village by the Ourthe famous for its historic heart and gastronomy.   Le Vedeur...
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