Pont le Prêtre: a circular walk through the forest starting in Izier at the beginning of the Ardennes

le ruisseau Pont le Prêtre du circuit forestier au départ d'Izier, le début de l'Ardenne

Brief description

This circular walk takes you through Ardennes forest that offers free board and lodging to a great variety of wildlife. Come and experience our wonderful region’s generous hospitality for yourself!


Izier, the starting-point of the Pont le Prêtre walk

The walk starts in front of a neo-Gothic brick and blue stone building: the parish church of Saint-Germain. The village of Izier lies on an undulating plateau overlooking the Ourthe valley. The old farmhouse with its towers occupies the centre of the village, adjoining the old cemetery where the original church stood.
After gaining a quick impression of the village, you walk alongside some pastures before entering a wooded area fringing the Le Boulac estate. You will come across some old beeches here. In England, the devil is said to live in beech trees: the scar left on the trunk by a branch that has fallen is fancied to resemble his eye…
The next part of the route follows the Pont le Prêtre stream, taking you through the charming little hamlet of the same name. The stream joins the River Aisne shortly before the road that runs from the village of Aisne to Ozo.


To get back to the football ground in Izier where you started from, you follow the line of the hedges. These hedges are important for the balance of our ecosystem. They limit erosion, purify water, reduce the harmful effects of the wind and increase biodiversity by offering a habitat to numerous animal and plant species.

Paractical information

Start : Izier (church)
Waymarker: blue cross
Distance: 8 km
Approximate duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Level of difficulty: moderate
Distinctive features: forest – open country

Croix de Néhé sur la promenade Pont le Prêtre