10-km waymarked circular walks

le point de départ de la promenade Bois de vine
A walk in the forest a stone’s throw from Durbuy: the Bois de Viné
Brief description Five kilometres from Durbuy, this walk in the intimate setting of the forest gives you a good idea of the Bois de Viné and how it is managed by foresters. Walk quietly, as many game species live in...
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le chemin du retour à Villers Ste Gertrude
A walk through woodland and open country: Ferme de Strasbourg
Brief description The Ferme de Strasbourg walk passes through the woodland and open country around Villers-Sainte-Gertrude.   Notes Villers Sainte Gertrude At the start of the walk, there are numerous relics of the past to look out for: the castle...
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chemin de la promenade les pierres de légende à Wéris-Durbuys
Four walks: The legendary stones of Wéris (Durbuy), The Devil’s Bed, The Pierre Haina, Pas-Bayard
Brief description of the walk These routes which take in the Pierre Haina and the Devil’s Bed explore the wonderfully varied scenery of the forest and the plants, birds and creatures that inhabit it. Notes The Pierre Haina From the...
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Croix d'occis situées sur la promenade Fond Wenin rappellent la mort de deux jeunes par asphixie qui se sont endormis sur un four à chaud
Fond Wenin: exploring the Calestienne and the rich farmland of Wéris
Brief description The Fond Wenin walk passes through the Calestienne and provides an opportunity to learn about the crops grown in this fertile area of Wéris. Farming has been practised in this village since Neolithic times. Notes Limestone, combined here...
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Verlaine et ses paysages magnifique sur pleparcours de la promenade Verlaine entre les vallées de l'Ourthe et du Néblon
Verlaine, a walk in the Ourthe and Néblon valleys
Brief description Verlaine, a walk in the Ourthe and Néblon valleys, will appeal to keen walkers and lovers of beautiful scenery. Let your eyes roam the landscape! Notes The walk starts a short distance from the Romanesque church of Tohogne,...
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Chemin de la promenade vers le chêne à l'image, dans le bois de Petithan
The Chêne à l’Image: a walk in the heart of the Bois de Petithan
Brief description This walk takes you through the woods of Petit-Han; most of the trees are oak and hornbeam, a combination which works well together. At the right time of year, there are many mushrooms there. Notes Oak This walk...
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Fond de Vedeur, une promenade entre bois et campagne se termine en passantdevant le chapelle Notre Dame Del Cherra
Fond de Vedeur: a walk through woods and open country starting from Durbuy
Brief description The Fond de Vedeur walk, which passes through woods and open country, starts in Durbuy. The route winds through the region’s woods and open country. There are significant climbs and descents and magnificent views over the Ourthe valley....
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le ruisseau Pont le Prêtre du circuit forestier au départ d'Izier, le début de l'Ardenne
Pont le Prêtre: a circular walk through the forest starting in Izier at the beginning of the Ardennes
Brief description This circular walk takes you through Ardennes forest that offers free board and lodging to a great variety of wildlife. Come and experience our wonderful region’s generous hospitality for yourself! Notes Izier, the starting-point of the Pont le...
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panorama depuis la promenade moulin des roches au départ de Villers Sainte Gertrude
Moulin des Roches: a nature walk starting in Villers-Sainte-Gertrude
Brief description With its dramatic ups and downs, the Moulin des Roches walk will appeal to energetic walkers. It retraces the history of this region from the Middle Ages to the present day. Notes Villers-Sainte-Gertrude: an ancient village Villers-Sainte-Gertrude, where...
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