Ozo-Juzaine-Ozo: a historical and heritage walk

entrée de la grotte du Coléoptère sur le balade Ozo-Juzaine-Ozo

Le point de départ est situé àThe starting-point is at Ozo’s goat farm on Chemin du Meunier.
Be sure to visit it and buy some delicious cheeses.

The ‘Forgotten Cross’

Leaving the goat farm, take the path to the right. A little further along, go down the path on the left until you reach the cross (not visible from the main path).

Once you are back on the main path, another cross a little further to the right is also on the rogation route.

Continue straight ahead, and before the bend take the path towards the field, ending up on Rue du Tombeux in Juzaine


The village is overlooked by a Frasnian limestone cliff known as Li Rotche-al-Pâplaine, on top of which stands the Tombeux cross.
At the end of the street turn right; the Grotte du Coléoptère is on the left

The Grotte du Coléoptère

At the foot of this cliff, a beautiful entrance porch leads into a cave, the Grotte du Coléoptère. The objects found in it bear witness to human occupation since the Palaeolithic.

Beetle Cave?

The first harpoon from the Magdalenian era was brought to light here on 5 June 1923. Shortly afterwards, researchers from the University of Liège discovered a curious object that gave the cave its name. Crafted from incised and polished mammoth ivory, this unique piece has one flat and one rounded side. The excavators believed that the object represented a beetle; the cave’s name means ‘Beetle Cave’ in French.

Return to the path and at the next junction take the path on the right, parallel to the path you came down. At the top, turn right to return to Chemin du Meunier, your starting-point.