Crosses and remarkable trees: Houmart-Longueville-Hermanne-Houmart

ensemble de 4 beaux chênes au lieu-dit Trou aux renards

This walk is completely accessible to families and pushchairs.

It is characterised by its views towards the Condroz on one side and towards the Ourthe valley and its many crosses on the other.


The walk starts from the car park in the centre of the village of Houmart (hou = big and mar = marshy land on a hill; source:, not far from the church. Head in the direction of Longueville.
On the side of the building just after the street leading to the church, a cross hangs from the gable.

‘Whether they are made of iron, bronze or wood, crosses carry a secret… Wayside and other crosses bare the soul of a religious people’ (source:
At different points on this walk, you will come across trees listed in the inventory of notable trees and hedges in Wallonia.

As you head towards Longueville, admire the view on the left towards Tohogne and the telecommunications tower.

Before turning right towards the top of the ridge, you will see on the left a group of trees at a place called Trou du Renard (Foxhole). These pedunculate oaks are included in the inventory of notable trees and hedges.

Along the ridge and the Croix des Combes lime

Take the path to the right, and at the top turn right to reach the Croix des Combes lime. This lime tree on which the crucifix known as the Croix des Combes hangs is located at the edge of the former municipality of Tohogne, in Longueville, on the ridge line, at the edge of the path leading to Jenneret.

After taking a short break, rejoin the circular route and continue straight along the ridge. Enjoy the view…

Continue straight ahead as far as Hermanne. There is another cross on the left here, but what is its story? Nobody knows!

Hermanne and back to the starting-point

The hamlet of Hermanne, at the edge of the municipality, is steeped in tranquillity.
Locals who had been on pilgrimage to Lourdes used to bring back a statue of Mary which they would set up near their home. The last of these is between the village and Houmart. A little further on, there’s a funny-looking signpost… ..and you’re back at Houmart, the starting-point.

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