ensemble de 4 beaux chênes au lieu-dit Trou aux renards
Crosses and remarkable trees: Houmart-Longueville-Hermanne-Houmart
This walk is completely accessible to families and pushchairs. It is characterised by its views towards the Condroz on one side and towards the Ourthe valley and its many crosses on the other. Start The walk starts from the car...
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une photo ancienne du centre de Barvaux sur Ourthe
Exploring old Barvaux: a historical walk
Barvaux heritage walk: legend le cœur de Barvaux Old postcards 1 The mill: two wheels for grinding grain and crushing oak bark (tan mill) 2 The mill seen from behind: the bias used for canoeing 3 Cabins in 1900: the...
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la calvaire de Bomal au départ de la promenade ravenne
Ravenne: an educational walk on the slopes of the Calvaire de Bomal
Description of the Ravenne walk This educational walk takes you through the various environments that are typical of the Calestienne, a limestone formation dating from the Primary era. There are posts to indicate the places where you must absolutely stop....
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Ripisylve, un milieu rencontre sur le circuit didactique au fil de l'eau à Durbuy
The waterside: an educational walk along the Ourthe in Durbuy
Brief description The educational waterside walk presents 22 panels relating to the river and the elements that make up its environment, including plants and wildlife, other aspects of nature and minor historical monuments. The route does not include any climbs...
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Grandhan, le point de départ de la promenade des chapelles
Grandhan chapel walk
On this walk, you will discover minor relics of the past in the villages of Grandhan and Petithan. You will come across numerous crosses, chapels and wayside shrines along the way. The GPX file will guide you. Practical information: Start:...
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Sur le mont des pins, paysage vers Bomal
Discovering by mountain bike the sites restored in the LIFE Hélianthème project
The calcareous grasslands and crags of the Ourthe valley are characterised by exceptional biodiversity. From a natural, cultural and historical point of view, they constitute a unique regional heritage. Whether you’re walking or riding your mountain bike, this route takes...
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les pierres du dolmen de Wéris rencontré au cours du circuit vélo non balisé
The speaking stones cycle route in Durbuy
A delightful ride in an area where the stones speak! You just have to know how to listen to them... Barvaux, Wéris and Heyd – villages with distinctive histories; and stones that bear witness to their past – limestone for...
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un village de caractère, Tohogne et ses magnifiques bâtimentss
A cycle tour of some villages of character
Discovering the villages of character in the north of the Durbuy area,. This unmarked circular cycle route takes you over hill and vale, passing through villages of character far from the hustle and bustle of tourism. The scenery is magnificent....
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sculpture de A. Naegelen au départ du circuit
Sculpture and heritage discovery tour “between hills and mountains
Circuit with many landscapes The circuit "between hills and mountains" starts from the village where the symposium is held, Barvaux. It will take you first of all through the valley of Barvaux towards Bomal before climbing towards the heights of...
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Imagine, une sculpture réalisée par R. Morlion au cours du symposium de sculpture 2015 sur le thème colombe libérons la paix
Sculpture and heritage discovery tour “change of scene”.
Starting from Grandhan, the tour takes you to the famous "smallest town in the world". It is certainly the most varied circuit in terms of the landscapes crossed. From Durbuy, via Barvaux and its history, Enneille with its Romanesque church...
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