gps circular mountain bike routes without waymarking

Sur le mont des pins, paysage vers Bomal
Discovering by mountain bike the sites restored in the LIFE Hélianthème project
The calcareous grasslands and crags of the Ourthe valley are characterised by exceptional biodiversity. From a natural, cultural and historical point of view, they constitute a unique regional heritage. Whether you’re walking or riding your mountain bike, this route takes...
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Sculpture rencontrée au cours du circuit VTT non balisé sur les traces des sorcières
Sculpture and heritage discovery tour “in the footsteps of witches”.
The remarkable sculptures and buildings of the Condroz This unmarked mountain bike circular rides, starts in the village of Jenneret. On the square, you will discover a commemorative plaque that recalls that several women were tried here for witchcraft. Soak...
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sculpture de A. Naegelen au départ du circuit
Sculpture and heritage discovery tour “between hills and mountains
Circuit with many landscapes The circuit "between hills and mountains" starts from the village where the symposium is held, Barvaux. It will take you first of all through the valley of Barvaux towards Bomal before climbing towards the heights of...
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Imagine, une sculpture réalisée par R. Morlion au cours du symposium de sculpture 2015 sur le thème colombe libérons la paix
Sculpture and heritage discovery tour “change of scene”.
Starting from Grandhan, the tour takes you to the famous "smallest town in the world". It is certainly the most varied circuit in terms of the landscapes crossed. From Durbuy, via Barvaux and its history, Enneille with its Romanesque church...
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