disruptions and hunts

The Juzaine footbridge has been washed away
The Juzaine footbridge The Juzaine footbridge has been washed away due to flooding. The GR path between the village and the Mont des Pins is interrupted! The mountain bike circuit N°6 is diverted to the Mont des Pins-Bomal path to...
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the hunts of the 2021-2022 season
The hunting season is back! Before going on a walk, please check in the files below that the paths you will be using are not closed. Please respect the signposting on the ground, your safety is at stake! Have a...
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The promenade N°15 Ferme de Strasbourg is temporarily closed
The Ferme de Strasbourg walk from Villers Ste Gertrude is temporarily closed due to flooding: the bridge over the Pont le Prêtre stream is partly destroyed and inaccessible for safety reasons.
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