The sickhouse of La Hesse
At the top of the hill between Tohogne and the section of Longueville, the tiny hamlet of La Hesse attracts the attention of passers-by. On the initiative of, or at least thanks to the generosity of, John of Bohemia, Count of Luxembourg, the sickhouse of La Hesse was founded here around 1340. At that time, hospitals were established throughout the country. Lack of hygiene, leprosy and plague were taking their toll. The main buildings (chapel, presbytery and annexes) were surrounded by small houses for the poor. When these plagues disappeared, the place became a hermitage (from 1650 to 1730), then a school and finally a civil hospice at the end of the 18th century. Much later, the buildings were transformed into a farm and then into modern dwellings. The former chapel of St. Magdalene is the centrepiece.