The municipal school “Les Monts
The project to bring together the four schools of the former commune of Tohogne was initiated by Jean Godinache, the last mayor. A single, modern building, located at a central point of the Commune, here at the place called “Les Monts”, will be built to bring together the communal schools of Verlaine, Houmart, Tohogne as well as the free school of the village. When the Communes merged, the new Durbuy municipal council ratified this decision. The architect François Mailleux drew up the plans and construction began in 1978. At the start of the school year on 1 September 1979, the school was ready to welcome the kindergarten and primary school pupils of the region. On 25 June 2018, a major extension was inaugurated on the south side (architect: Yves Pinon). This school, nestled in the heart of nature, has about 120 pupils, divided into two kindergarten classes and four primary classes. It has an excellent reputation.