Exit from the Rue de Presseux
Cultural life was particularly rich in the village in the last century. Indeed, in 1899 the choral society “La Concorde” was created and was a huge success. More than a hundred members were instantly recruited. The Choral Society became a Harmonie in 1913 and a Drama Club also coexisted at the Concorde. The choir was disbanded in about 1960 in the face of competition from television, and ten years later the Harmonie also succumbed. The “salle” continued to host cultural life. Dances were organised there (the singer Frédéric François performed on 15 May 1971); couyon competitions and dialect plays were performed there. In May 1994, the Committee resigned for lack of volunteers. A new twist of fate: in October 2010, heavy snowfall caused the roof to collapse. The hall had to be razed in March 2012. The Royale Concorde had lived! Now there are hardly any recreational or cultural societies!