About the many vaulted entrances in the village
A local peculiarity is the large number of vaulted barn entrances (årvôs) that still exist in Tohogne. There are still about 60 of them, although there are only three large farms left. This shows how numerous small farms were in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Most of the arcades have stood the test of time, aided by strict town planning regulations. They have often lost their original function, i.e. to allow a wagon of hay or wheat, pulled or pushed by a horse, to be stored in a barn to be unloaded from its precious load, which was stored in the hayloft or temporarily sheltered from rain. Two-thirds of the vaults were built of ashlar limestone and about one-third of them of dark red brick. Some of the entrances have been partially or completely blocked, others have been redesigned for various purposes.